07/28/02 12:12 PM



        There are some, (mostly ex-girlfriends, my mother, and  my sister), who would say I have no reason to own a 400HP, less than 3000 lb (that is 400 lbs less than a Ford Taurus!) Ferrari 360 Spyder.  Bullocks, I say!  What the hell does need have to do with anything?  While drooling all over the Ferrari site, I remembered a poem called Titanic.  The following is a quick response to both the poem and all those naggers of good intention.


Ode to Spyder

Yours Truly

I for one, would not buy

a ticket for a flagging, floating funeral parlor.

Give me a Ferrari.


To die . . . We are all drifting

to our death.  But with speed, tension, surprise

well fed, with music, with lights!  Ah!


And the world shocked, shakes its head as it ought to do

A half-inch obituary, no books or movies

no way to recreate the power, the uncertainty

no way to translate that kind of ride.


A split second late, a missed curve

Breaking friction, scattering somersault

There is no time for comfort.


We all go:  only a few, fast.