Welcome to the Hotel Illness

100 Tidbits More Than You Wanted

1  I hate shampoo/soap that smells like fruit
2  My TV sits on the floor of my closet
3  I'm a Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none
4  I used to have a dog named KC that saved me from a fire
5  I'm naming my next dog 'Elvis'
6  My best friend from high school is in prison out on parole
7  We used to throw firecrackers at each other
8  In the car
9  I'm an ice cream junkie
10  I'm not good enough to be a perfectionist
11  I'm too city for the country and too country for the city
12  I worked for a bit as a mechanic
13  I did little to no homework in high school
14  I barely passed
15  I repeatedly got in trouble for arguing with my teachers
16  I started college almost exactly 10 years later
17  I'm in the Honors College at UIC
18  I still argue with my professors
19  As a kid, I feared robbers and/or murderers more than supernatural monsters
20  I love John Steinbeck's novels, but I have never read The Grapes of Wrath
21  My pre-teen music consisted of Jim Reeves, Stonewall Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, The Monkeys, Styx, Marty Robbins, and Rick Springfield
22  I thought Styx rocked.
23  I had a sister that died when I was eleven.
24  The police officially reported it as an "accidental suicide"
25  I'm not sure I believe that
26  I think Shakespeare is hilarious
27  I hate Romeo & Juliet
28  I've been in five wrecks (four auto and one motorcycle)
29  I love acting
30  I have no idea if I'm good at it
31  I like my coffee black
32  I still like some of the '80's metal/pop metal
33  When I was four I named my new puppy 'Dogstar'
34  I'm not really sure how I came up with that
35  I'm an INFP
36  I like scotch & lemonade
37  I played guitar at my sisters wedding
38  I was so nervous that I completely butchered the song
39  I haven't played out since
40  I played the trumpet for nine years
41  I spent two weeks in Germany
42  Most of that time was spent inside factories
43  I've only broken one bone (my middle toe) in my life
44  I didn't know it was broken until it healed wrong
45  I love Cajun food
46  I hate tea
47  I'm a hopeless romantic
48  I blame my parents
49  The only rap album I like is License to Ill
50  I've been told that I "get normal" when I drink
51  I studied Kenpo Karate during my eighth grade year
52  I fought twice in light contact competition
53  I won one and lost one
54  I was beat by a girl who went on to win the entire tournament
55  I'm positively horrible at the art of dating
56  I hate shaving
57  I couldn't grow a decent beard if I had a lifetime supply of Rogaine
58  I have stayed awake for 56 hours in one stretch
59  I hallucinated
60  I love the INDY 500
61  I remember buying a lot of 45's at Ben Franklin
62  I used to have reoccurring nightmare every time I got sick
63  I used to have a pet raccoon
64  His name was Reno
65  I was born with a hearing problem
66  I also have tinnitus
67  I read psychology books for fun
68  I still don't understand people
69  I have twice moved to cities where I didn't know a single person
70  I have no idea where I am going to move when I graduate
71  I still have 30 to go
72  One of the hardest thing I've ever had to do was tell my dad his mom died
73  I like to cook, but dislike cooking for myself
74  I can't dance in public
75  But I would like to learn how to jitter bug and/or lindy hop
76  I enjoy driving
77  I used to work as a Warranty/Product Analyst for an automotive electronics company
78  I've spent time in almost every Ford plant east of the Mississippi
79  I hate boiled/stewed vegetables
80  My mousepad is the cardboard backing to a legal pad
81  It's covered with notes
82  I can't read half of them
83  I am a incurable packrat
84  I'm a Saints, Cardinals, and Pacers fan
85  I shoulda been a cowboy
86  or a Rock Star
87  I quit smoking once for three months
88  Yes, I started again
89  Yes, I enjoy it
90  I don't own a cell phone
91  Mainly because I rarely use phones unless I'm at work
92  I hate sushi, but like wasabi
93  My political leanings are mostly Libertarian
94  The Simpson's RULE in so many ways
95  I can't remember not loving motorcycles
96  I have a horrible memory
97  I'm not superstitious, but I will not say "goodbye"
98  Goethe kicks my ass
99  I don't like a big head on my beer (Heh, I said 'head')
100  I "ain't nothin' but beer and bones"


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